Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Transformation, Wildlife and Brunswick Heads Chess Club




In two weeks time I will be on a plane headed back to Frankfurt and then Havanna. I needed a new passport and since I don't intend to impersonate Arthur Yusupov I thought it better to transform back into my former self. The picture will be in my passport for ten years! The first opinion I received was from the local birds


who had nothing better to do but hang around and laugh. Speaking of birds, there are these white ones around here who hang around the Cows.

I suspect some kind of symbiotic relationship there. 

Brunswick Heads Chess Club

If you are in the area and you feel like a game of Chess, the club meets on Monday nights at 7 pm in the "Yummy bar". It's easy to find, just a few houses from the tourist information office.

You can also sometimes get a game during the day and always good food and drinks. Have a nice day :-)



  1. Clearly a fake, the second guy wears something pink and is more handsome ;-)

  2. Native Americans say that when you shave your head,you clear your karma !! You look relaxed and renewed !! Have a great last week in Oz and safe journeys to Frankland and to Havanna. Can't wait to hear about that trip !!
    love seeing you here,keep us posted.
    love and light,