Thursday, 28 April 2011

Frankfurt, the world's most boring city?

I had to write a quick post before leaving, guess I am a blogging addict. This was a nice cafe to have breakfast and is one of the highlights of Frankfurt. As you can see Thomas (right)  is already in Cuba-mode. Our friend and host, Wolf (left),used his day off to show us the sights but didn't have a lot to work with.

Frankfurt is the most colourless, boring City I know.

This is the river "Main" and a boat taking people for a tour of........ Frankfurt is all about 


Stock exchange, banks, insurance company's and that's just about it.
Wolf did take us to his favourite building.

He thought it symbolizes the City's place in the world very well. Agreed! Add your own caption.
If you know of a city more boring than Frankfurt please let me know.....and if you are thinking of saying Canberra, close but no Cigar. Hasta la Cuba amigo's.


  1. I confirm... Frankfurt is very boring.... just suited booted people going to job...