Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Strawberry fields Pt2

This seemed like a good place to stop for Lunch. Anybody who has never had wild strawberries has not lived a full life. They taste only remotely like the big ones from supermarkets. They complimented the Yogurt and Banana I had bought earlier for Lunch splendidly. After a great meal I returned to the main Road, Hwy 17 and started to Panic about the time and few km I had done. I didn't get all that far before meeting Ron.
Ron is an American living in Switzerland and rides for charity. We spent a while chatting by the side of the road. My Bike was quite muddy and he told me his number one rule was to keep the Bike clean, especially the Gears and Brakes. He also had fascinating stories to tell about Biking in War zones and other exciting places. But let him tell you more himself on his website . By the time we parted ways it was 5pm and I still had 53km to go to my intended destination Namsos. After two more hours of Rain and Hills I saw the Holmset Camping Ground an decided to call it a day. It is now 1am and I am posting this from my tent. If it is a nice day tomorrow I will try to make up some of the km's. Good night all. 

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  1. Just to let you know your hard work to post is not falling on 'blind eyes'.
    Looks like fun.