Monday, 10 June 2013

Brodie McClymont wins Peninsula open

Brodie won with a picket fence 7/7. He was in trouble in round 5 against Yi Liu but apart from that his tournament looked like plain sailing. I was second on 6/7 and Tony Weller finished in clear third! A sensational result for Tony in a strong field.

The other prizes were mainly taken by the juniors. I'll publish those results when I find them. Now, back to what's important, my games :-)

Round 6

It would be presumptuous to call Yi Liu "my student" as he was a very talented junior long before we met, but last term I started teaching at his school, Churchie, and he has been in my class. Today I was able to pass on a variation taught to me by GM Tony Miles two decades ago in Adelaide.

This was my best game from this tournament. I believe white had to get e4 in to get any advantage. This, combined with the knight dance f3, h4, f3, g5, e6 put a lot of pressure on black's position. Maybe Yi should have castled instead of 15...d4 but I nevertheless prefer white.

Round 7

John Harris played the opening like a Grandmaster, specifically GM Dorian Rogozenko. He made the same mistake in the second round of the Wine tournament a few years ago. The game and wine tournament post is here.


I hope you enjoyed these games. More are coming soon from Malaysia. Stay tuned :-)