Sunday, 16 June 2013

KL Masters round 5

Definitely the wrong side of the bed day today. Already on move 6 I made the serious mistake f5. Not only had I made it before { getting away with it last time } but in our post mortem Mas told me, he had too :-) I nevertheless got a playable position before again getting...ahem...creative.  14...d5 is so weak that I cannot reconstruct the train-wreck of thought that led to it.

Anyway, before you look at this disaster let me show you a few pictures. Peter Long, the organiser and old mate, must have thought I needed some consolation after my duck eggs today so he took me to dinner at one of our favourite haunts, Kayu!

There are many different curries to choose from. We had lamb shanks and fish curry.

It is a pleasure to watch your roti or tosai being made by a real master. The skill is very similar to that of making Pizza.

And here are the fresh roties. Hungry yet?

Ok,so if you still want to see the game here it is.

Tomorrow is a rest day. You may ask why have a double round and then a rest day....
Anyway, after the rest day I am playing Tiviakov, the top seed, and will try not to castle queenside.


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  1. Roti canai, damn I missed it
    and ofcourse hot tea on rocks