Saturday, 8 June 2013

Peninsula Open 2013

After some radio silence expect a flurry of posts. I am escaping the winter for some chess in Malaysia and France. But before leaving why not warm up a bit? The Peninsula Open offered the perfect opportunity.

Since I was a teenager I regularly wrote "Solomon" on my scoresheet. Today, for the first time, the initial was different. Anthony, like his dad Steven, seems to like endings. Black got a playable position but missed a couple of tic tacs.

Many years ago Tony crushed me badly in an open tournament. Today he allowed me too much space on the Kingside, where his King was :-)

I got the round time wrong for this game. I arrived just on forfeit time but George was not even thinking of claiming a win, he had come to play! We had a fierce tactical fight which I thought I had negotiated perfectly...until my engine slapped me in the face. On move 28 black has a mate in 4. My lucky day.

Next round 10am tomorrow. I'll have to watch checks tomorrow.

Sweet dreams,

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