Wednesday, 19 June 2013

KL Masters round 8

Yay! I was beginning to think that I might match my previous record of seven consecutive losses. It was a morning round at the indecent time of 9am, I was playing a promising junior who has been well trained and was highly motivated.

My plan was to avoid main lines and get a position I was more familiar with than he was. The hippo seemed like a good choice and it worked like a charm. Your colour doesn't matter as much as the plan. A classical setup with knights on c3/6 f3/6 blocking your c and f pawns poses no problems for the hippo.

The amazing thing about the position is that even the computer evaluates the opening structure in blacks favour because of the extra central space. My opponent on the other hand understood that he is suffering from the lack of an active plan. When the pieces met in active combat my engine, stockfish, finally changed it's evaluation. 19...Ne5 was just a blunder that hangs the whole position. Qd3 was much better with a messy position. White should have played a bit more restrained actually.

Anyway, time for a little rest. Next game is just over an hour away.

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