Saturday, 15 June 2013

KL Masters round 3

The Doubleroo Defense reared its heads again! To make the 7.5 points needed for a grandmaster norm I need to score a lot of full points from now on so I decided to provoke my opponent today. Usually not a smart move against an experienced grandmaster but I was feeling rested, well fed and optimistic...and not especially smart :-)

The roos {knights which move to a6 and/or h6 according to Tony Miles) hopped happily into the middle and a careless move like 14.Nxf5 would have led to a good attack for black but West Asia's first GM sensibly just swapped pieces and around move 25 there was nothing left to play for for either colour so we adjourned to our eating place for dinner and beers.

Tomorrow is the first of the two dreaded double round days so I had better look at some of my morning opponents { IM Kevin Goh Wei Ming} games. He is a strong Singaporean IM who is playing for a GM norm to go with his other ones so I will have to be at my best.

Cheerio amigoes, Hasta manjana. 

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