Thursday, 20 June 2013

KL Masters round 9

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I present a bloat of Hippopatimi. In my last post you saw a white hippo, now here you have a black hippo. White got nothing from the opening again, for the same reason as in the last game. Without your flank pawns you can't hurt a hippo. Just look at the position after move 13 and compare the bishops. That speaks volumes.

Padmini defended superbly but took too long finding great moves and just before the time control she lost a pawn. It was quite an important one and my pieces were controlling all the important squares so defending was a thankless task. She tried to solve her problems tactically but that just hastened the end as it so often does.

So tomorrow I have a bye and then on Saturday we play the last round. Should I trot out the hippo again? 

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