Saturday, 15 June 2013

KL Masters round 4

Did I ever mention that I hate morning rounds? And especially when there are two rounds in one day? Well I got a bit too agro today and neglected to castle early, develop my pieces and play in the centre, things I tell my students to do every day that I teach.

The opening turned out terrible, I somehow survived to a messy position but was left playing on the increment of 30 seconds from move 20 onwards. All credit to Kevin, although he was short of time as well he played the computer recommendation on most of his moves.

Lessons? Play normal chess, practise what I preach, especially in the morning. Well, it was fun anyway.

Now a few hours rest and then I play Malaysia's long time hope for the future and many time board one of the national team, Mas Hafizulhelmi. He was coached for many years by Australian GM Ian Rogers. The fact that he is still not a GM has more to do with the pressures of work and family though, I'm sure.

Now that he has quit his high pressure job at the Petronas Oil company and is a full time player and coach his natural talent should take him to the title.

I have the black pieces so will need to play a lot better than this morning to score. Now the GM norm requires 6/6, a feat only Australian GM Zong Yuan Zhao has accomplished as far as I know. Wish me luck! 

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  1. Mas was coached by Rogers only for a few months. Then a family tragedy forced him to give up his bid to become our first GM and go back to his old job at Petronas.