Friday, 14 June 2013

KL Masters, round 2 and pictorial.

Before we get to today's game, let me take you for a walk around Chinatown, where the hotel is situated. The Swiss Inn is the perfect venue. The main entrance opens onto a busy road and the other entrance, onto Petaling street, the busy shopping and restaurant area. We start our walk from the main entrance pictured below.

And we turn right at Jalan Hang Jebat, a special picture dedicated to my countrymen :-)

The next corner and we are at the entrance to Petaling street. This is early morning. The stalls go up in the afternoon and then there is hardly any room to move. I'll show you another day.

Along the way there is a long alley that serves as a produce market.

And just before we get back to the hotel, having gone in a circle, we pass a fruit stand. For less than an Aussie dollar you can get a little bag of pre-cut pineapple, mango, jackfruit or whatever takes your fancy. 

Now to get to my game. Dr GM Wong Meng Kong is Singapores first and only native Grandmaster but plays rarely these days as he has a day job. He obviously has not warmed up yet as this was his second consecutive loss. A look at the database will show you that he is a very creative and dangerous player and just like Vassily Ivanchuck, you never know when he will strike.

This game was all about one horse, the monster on d4. Once it got there blacks days were numbered.

That's all folks, tune in tomorrow, same time {roughly} same station.

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