Wednesday, 19 June 2013

KL Masters round 7

First the promised picture of Petaling streets 60th birthday party. Normally this entire street is filled with stalls from one end to the other with shops and hotels on both sides. If you come to KL this is the place to come.

Now to today's game. I extended my losing streak to four. But this is by no means a record. That stands at seven from Cuba a few years ago. I should mention that my winning streak record is nine {city if Sydney junior} with a few sevens like in the Australian championship in 1992 and several sixes. Perhaps I should not admire Alexander Morozevich so much.

This might be a funny thing to say but I don't feel that I am playing so badly, just at some stage of the game I play a horrible move. Today it was 31...Bc6 which allows the white bishop in on d6. Also not tragic but suddenly white has counterplay. Virtually any other move especially one tagging c5, which was a theme throughout the whole game and black has two protected passers. I ended up losing them both.

Still, I enjoyed the game. Must be a masochistic streak.

Tomorrow is the next dreaded double round. Can I score tomorrow? Only time will tell.

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