Monday, 3 July 2017

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017

It has been many years since I have played in India due to a number of factors.
One was the difficulty of obtaining an Indian visa, recently solved by theemail Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who introduced e-VISAS. No more having to be separated from your passport.

Another was double rounds. I am just too old for it now, not that I ever enjoyed playing serious games from dawn to dusk. This tournament has just a single double round day.

Also some tournaments had the hotel a long way from the venue and the travel to and from the accommodation was often arduous to say the least. Here lies the most remarkable improvement. Not only is the tournament being played at the venue itself, the Leela Hotel and Conference Centre is truly spectacular.

This is the view from my room. It is also 5☆ all the way. I count about 5 restaurants so far offering everything from the best of Indian food to French croissants and German bread.

Wanna see the desserts?

Ok, to my game. My opponent didn't castle in a timely fashion and his King ended up going for a walk. Maybe he has recently studied Steinitz. It's short and entertaining if you have nothing better to do.

Until tomorrow amigoes. So it seems I have solved the blogging on a tablet problem. Next challenge will be preparing with a tablet. All advice gladly received ☺

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