Friday, 14 July 2017

Hectic day in Panipat part1

I have been meaning to come to Panipat for many years. This year finally everything fell into place. Even so I was only able to spend one full day there. we arrived late in the evening on the 12th after driving from Mathura, with a stopover in Delhi to look at some chess sets. India'sure craftsmanship is renowned. 

As always relatively short trips take all day because not only are the roads slow but one has to socialise on the way of course! Not that different from Mediterranean culture actually. We arrived rather late yet Gaurav's family had stayed up to greet us. After the obligatory midnight snack I was shown to the guest room, decked out like a fine hotel, with kettle, tea&coffee and everything else a guest could wish for.

I was able to write my previous blog post because, as any fine guest room, there was WiFi ☺

Yesterday morning started with Gaurav's mother's home made stuffed Parantha's with home made butter, chutneys yogurt etc etc. They get their milk delivered fresh twice daily and make all the dairy products themselves. I of course stuffed myself stupid.

We then headed into town to collect some things we would be needing later like the new "Doubleroo" t-shirts. (Soon available) 😉 we arrived at the school where our seminar was scheduled and we were immediately ushered through the gates and into the principles office where we were introduced to the department heads and teachers.

The first thing that struck me about the school was how gleaming and spotless it was. Not even a scrap of paper could be seen anywhere. The gardens were tended like in a botanic garden and pavements had cute little drawings on them. So what you may say. Well, despite all the positives, India is not the cleanest country on earth. Bins are few and far between and rubbish is everywhere. Every pavement, street, get the picture. Everywhere except this school. Not one single scrap. I'll stop now.

There is also a strong commitment to sports as can be seen by this prominently placed poster.

I was quite taken aback when I saw the assembly hall filled with students. We expected about 20. Apparently they had to turn 50 away due to lack of space!

Then came music, three garlands of flowers and a painting by a former student.  An overwhelming reception. After the seminar, which the students followed with great enthusiasm, I was mobbed for autographs until I got writers cramp. Photo's followed in many parts of the school with students, teachers and administrators, and then, can you guess. Yes of course. Food! Lots of food and delicious food.

I will have to leave the afternoon adventures until later as I'm about to board a flight to KL soon. But first....

I don't think I told you yet that my passport pouch mysteriously vanished from my room in Delhi with a few Euro, some Malaysian ringgit in it. Luckily noyes my passport so it was just a flesh wound. 

Well, it has now been replaced by this bag, which holds my passport, tablet and mobile perfectly! Silver linings 😉

Story to follow in part two!


  1. My chess set is Indian, it's so classically beautiful. Long ago in my Sydney days Lobron came to my place on Christmas Day (why was he in Sydney, I can't recall...) and he was quite admiring of it too!

  2. Nice bag, You got there :p

    1. It's like made for me. Exact size for the tablet, front pocket for boarding pass and passport, back pocket for phone.