Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017 round 2

I must admit that I am still struggling with inputting my games on the tablet. The chess.com analysis board is nice with drag&drop functionality and easy pgn copying but you can't undo errors, or at any rate I haven't figured out how yet. Since today's game was quite long, restarting several times can be quite frustrating. After a few attempts I resisted the urge to fling the tablet across the room and tried "Scid on the go" instead. There you can "strip moves to the end" at any time and don't have to restart. Bonus! The save function does warn that it is experimental and there is an issue, that being, saving the result. Despite two attempts it wouldn't do it. No matter, the moves came through.

Now to my game. A few months ago I was doing a lecture on how to prepare for a particular opponent and one of my examples was a sideline of the Gruenfeld. To quell scepticism I promised to play it at least once if I come across someone who plays it. I can't say it was a roaring success as my talented young opponent equalised quite easily and if she had found 14...cd4 15.cd4 Qf4! I would have had to get...creative.

Nonetheless the ending was sharp but equal chances until she tried to bail out into a difficult technical ending. As far as the opening is concerned,  back to the drawing board 🙁

So for my efforts I have been rewarded with a game against a strong young talent, a 2550 GM. At least I am white again. Wish me luck amigoes.

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