Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mathura, City of Lord Krishna.

I must admit that I am not a very good tourist. We again did not get off to an early start, checking out of our hotel, the Anamsa Vaas, at around the cracking of noon. This place is excellent. Everything is clean, all the facilities worked and the staff were friendly and helpful. What a contrast to the night before.

Anyway, as I was saying,  I suck at tourism but luckily so do my friends. We found a parking spot miraculously directly in front of the temple pictured below.

Should we go in? Maybe later, let's do some shopping, check out the market, maybe get some food and drink and continue our spiritual discovery tour later... maybe... if we are not too tired. Guess how that worked out 🤔

We walked up a small alley, past the temple, to the main walking street. Monkeys are everywhere and seem well off, having plenty to eat, and everyone leaves them be. We walked up and down looking for some shirts amongst other things. Sizes were an issue. Although I now can fit quite comfortably into an L in Australia, a XXL here is a tight fit. We kept being told that was the largest size and I should buy it and just lose some weight, we did eventually find a shop that sells XXXL. I haven't had a chance yet to "model" it for you but I'm sure you'll survive the disappointment. 

Naturally there was a group of people singing "Hare Krishna" in his place of birth.  The cows pictured was either coincidentally walking in the same direction, or leading the group.  I remain ignorant.

The Rose Lassi was a highlight of the day. Just delicious. So, loaded up with clothes and other trinkets we decided to hit the road. We still had something to do in Delhi and then another 2 hours to Panipat. All that stood in our way was this cow who was feeling quite frisky. Luckily a small child shooed her away for us. Awkward.

One more thing, if you should one day be following in my footsteps, or rather tyre marks, make sure you stop in at Pahalwan Dhara. It is on the highway a little bit before the Panipat turnoff. It is sparkling clean, the food is delicious and apparently it is owned by a chess player. Unfortunately he wasn't there tonight otherwise I may have been able to play for the food 😉

Toodles folks, I am giving a little seminar tomorrow and, time permitting I'll show you a little of historic Panipat.