Friday, 7 July 2017

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017 Round 6

So I made the newspapers in Panipat! It seems I will be doing some chess promotion for a few days, organised by the Haryana chess association in collaboration with Doubleroo Panipat! I'll let you kno2 how it goes.

Speaking of chess coaching, I had the opportunity to meet Christine Namaganda,  Director of the "Dove Chess Academy" in Kampala, Uganda! Christine was one of Phiona's real life opponents in the movie "Queen of Katwe".

Is a visit to Uganda in my future? I sure hope so. Perhaps Christine has heard the rumour that I sometimes coach for food and may invite me for dinner. 

Today I decided to play normal chess, as normal as I am capable of playing anyway. My room mate, GM Niaz Murshed told me that my opponent, WGM Bhakti Kulkarni, liked to play very actively. In this particular variation of the Nimzo white has a very good structure. Black has to wait and be prepared to answer e4 with c5. But white needs to build the position slowly and mobilise fully before carrying out the central break. Bhakti was too impatient and went for it immediately. By move 15 her position was already in ruins and she had to resign a few moves later.

So now I'm on 5/6 and can expect to be fed to one of the favourites. I'll try to be a bony chicken 😉 Hasta man manjana amigoes.

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