Monday, 17 July 2017


This wonder of the world was one of the last things I saw before leaving Delhi. It is a huge rubbish mountain that one drives past for about 10 minutes on the way to the airport on the outer ring road. Why am I showing you this? To let you know that India is not all sunshine and roses. Whereas the school I visited,  people's homes and businesses are very clean and tidy, the same cannot be said of public places and especially roads. Garbage is everywhere. This is one thing I won't miss. Locals put the blame squarely on local councils.

A few hours later I was in Kuala Lumpur and did not feel like spending the weekend there as I would know it well enough to drive around if brave enough. Anyway, Malindo has a cheap ticket to Langkawi and that sounded much better.

I booked a hotel online and took an UBER to the Grand beach hotel. Honestly, the only thing this hotel has going for it is location, but that is so good that I would stay there again. OK,  it's reasonably clean.

I really wasn't up to too much tourism as I was really tired after the intense last few weeks. There is heaps to do though, like diving, jet boating, Eagle feeding, caving etc etc. Just Google and you'll see. I settled for sleeping, swimming  and seafood.

Sunday was my exploring day.  After a long walk down the beach I stumbled across the harbour where all the tourist boats take people around the Islands for the various activities.

By the time I got here the sun was setting but before having a snack at the local eatery, I thought I'll just walk to the end of the peninsula to check out the resort.

The security guard had no interest in me when I went to ask if it was public access so I just walked straight in. While there I got a message on my 0hone telling me I can grab a special there right now for only $500  a night. Wow! How did I resist? 

This place was truly 5☆ with its own marina, several swimming pools, restaurants and bars, and even a lighthouse!

I'll leave it at that otherwise I may miss my flight home! I love Malaysia but not that much 😂


  1. I am glad you had a great time in Langkawi.
    Wished you would enjoy your stay at KL too! (That's what we called Kuala Lumpur) :)