Saturday, 8 July 2017

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017 Round 7.

I thought I could save myself the work of entering my game by copying the pgn from chessbomb.come today but no such luck. First I'm told I have to register, then when I
do that I'm told only premium can download pgn. Sigh. So again I had to enter the moves into Scid on the go and again cannot save the result. Anyway, I drew in case you are wondering. My opening was some preparation which I had largely forgotten.

I got a playable position and got bluffed out of taking 22...Bg2 which stockfish likes. Instead I thought I could press a risk free slight edge by swapping rooks but my bishop pair never got going and I had to defend a slight unpleasant ending for a while. Then he overpressed but not enough to lose, not against me anyway.

I am happy to have survived with black against one of India's most promising talents.

I'm fairly certain to get another favourite tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your messages of support 🤗

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  1. Did you try cut n paste from chessbomb itself? You dont get the headers but all the moves is copyable. I tried and got ...1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nge7 4. Nc3 d6 5. d4 a6 6. Be2 g6 7. dxe5 dxe5 8. Qxd8+ Kxd8 9. Bg5 Bg7 10. O-O-O Ke8 11. Nd5 Nxd5 12. exd5 Nd8 13. d6 cxd6 14. Rxd6 Ne6 15. Be3 Bd7 16. Rhd1 Bc6 17. Bc4 Rd8 18. Bxe6 Rxd6 19. Rxd6 fxe6 20. c4 Ke7 21. c5 h6 22. Nd2 Rd8 23. Rxd8 Kxd8 24. f3 Bd5 25. Kc2 Kc7 26. a4 Kc6 27. b4 Bf8 28. Kc3 g5 29. h3 Be7 30. Bf2 Bf6 31. Kd3 Bg7 32. Nc4 h5 33. Nd2 g4 34. hxg4 hxg4 35. fxg4 Bxg2 36. Ne4 Bh6 37. Be3 Bf1+ 38. Kd2 Bf8 39. g5 Kd5 40. Ng3 Bh3 41. b5 axb5 42. axb5 Bf5 43. c6 bxc6 44. b6 Bd6 45. Kc3 Bg6 46. Nf1 c5 47. Nd2 Kc6 48. Nc4 Bb8 49. Bf2 e4 50. Be3 Bg3 51. Kb3 Kb5 52. Bd2 Ka6 53. Bc1 Bh5 54. Bd2 Bf2 55. Bf4 e3 56. Bxe3 Bxe3 57. Nxe3 Kxb6 58. Ng2 e5 59. Nh4 Kc6 60. g6 Kd7 61. Kc4 Bxg6 ½-½