Sunday, 9 July 2017

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017 Round 8

India v Australia for the title! Global warming must be making this Indian summer of mine last must longer than expected. I really would have given long odds on me being on board one in the final round but that seems to be the forced pairing.

Today's game was a bit too exciting but I managed to neither lose on time, despite coming close quite a few times, down to my last seconds, nor did I blunder any pieces, none that either of us noticed anyway.

Also this is the first game input using Asim Periera's "Analyse this!" app. Free and easy to use. It gets a 5☆ Doubleroo rating 😆

Thanks again to everyone who has been following and sending messages of support via different media. I'll do my best to entertain tomorrow 😎

1 comment:

  1. well you should have publicized it more. How come I did not receive any notice about it. As for tomorrow get up there, kick ass and bring the bacon home! Cheers and good luck mate!