Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Commonwealth Chess Championship 2017 round 3

After today's disaster, more about that later, my friend Gaurav Chhabra, director of Doubleroo Panipat, took me to Jama Masjid markets to soothe my wounded soul with food. We started with a visit to Delhi's most famous Kebab place, Qureshi.

There was quite a queue, it was hot and noisy with cars, rickshaws and pedestrians all fighting to squeeze past each other while constantly honking. We had to eat standing up or rather dodging the traffic while getting radiated by the grill and breathing in noxious fumes that undoubtedly shortened our lifespan somewhat.

Despite these inconveniencesI can unequivocally state that this is the best Kebab I have ever tasted, daylight second.

Looking above I noticed the interesting wiring and had to share. Health and safety professionals look away.

That was only our entrèe. Next week headed to one of the main shopping streets for our main course. I don't remember the name but honestly, it was good but nothing special. Or maybe we were just fussy after Qureshi Kebab.

The tandoori bread was great though.

All made on the side of this tandoori oven if you have never seen one.

The first disappointment was that the advertised "Brain curry" was unavailable so we made do with a liver and kidney one and a chicken one. Not bad but a bit oily and bland. The bread was the highlight.

Luckily we walked past the butchers shop after dinner. Otherwise we might have lost our appetites. Tripe with fly anyone?

Now on to the aforementioned tragedy. My opponent sacrificed a pawn for slightly less than nothing and I had many safe ways of keeping it but burnt too much time deciding between good options. 16.Kf1 intending Kg1 was my original intention and stockfish's favourite. My opponent would have nothing to show for my protected passed down pawn. I got creative with 16. Kd2 instead and after Bf5 decided I deserved more than 17.g4 promised, an ending a pawn up. Finally, short on time I allowed a Queen sack which made it messy before allowing a fork. I forgot the "Keep it Simple Stupid" principle. Only one person to blame for this one.

And now the double round day 😨. 

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