Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Gibraltar Chess Congress 2011 Round 1

Too optimistic today. After 30.f5 my opponent offered me a draw. Although I didn't see a clear continuation and was short on time I declined. My reasoning was that I needed to be on 100% to have a chance of playing Ivanchuk. Not smart. The real mistake I think was 27...Qd4 Better was Rb2 followed by a3. Oh well, was fun anyway and nobody ever won by accepting a draw offer.

Apologies for no Opening Ceremony report. Earlier yesterday Evening I went to Town to do some shopping and the wind was howling. While I was in the Supermarket it started raining as well. Since I neglected to take any wet weather clothes with me I bought an Umbrella for 5 Quid. It lasted approximately 5 minutes before the Wind blew it to shreds. I got back to the Apartment soaking wet and did not feel like going out again. It is going to be like this for another couple of days unfortunately so you may have to wait for pictures of Gibraltar. Sorry :)

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