Monday, 17 January 2011

Last few days in Marrakesh

On Friday my new Chess-friend Said flew to France so instead of dropping in to his Riad to play blitz
I tried to be a Tourist. It is easier when playing a tournament as half the day is gone and you usually have group outings organized by Locals. Saturday I spent mainly playing over Greg Hjorth's games and was planning to head to Meknes Sunday morning. A cash-machine spoilt that plan by swallowing my Card, thereby forcing me to stay another day. Just walking around the streets can be nice 
if it is away from the shops. The Medina is not the place for a quiet stroll though as touts constantly assault Tourists with everything possible. Be it Carpets, Food, Snakes, Hotels or Tours, even Ash! What on Earth am I supposed to do with Ash?
After the ATM adventure I needed some peace so I thought what better was to de-stress than a walk in a Garden? The "Jardin Majorelle" seemed like a good choice. Since the Railway Station was on the way I stopped in to check the schedule. There was a nice carved Tree on the way.

  I was then told by a Local that the Garden was closed on Sunday of course  but instead he can show me a Shop with great bargains. Naturally it was open. I had already fallen for that one on my second day.
I was worried upon arrival though because there was only an hour left before it closed for the day, would I have time to see it all? Well. yes, although nice, the Jardin Majorelle is not very big. There is a nice Cactus section
a Fountain
a Pond

and that's about it.....except.....the Mausoleum of ... Yves Saint Laurent!!  Well you all know how incredibly fashion conscious I am so this was very exciting for me. Then it was back to the Medina, Dinner (twice) and an early night. I wanted to be at the Bank early today to get my Card and get going. There was a bit of a queue as it seemed the ATM had been swallowing Cards all Weekend.
At 1pm I got on the Train to Meknes. There are Roman Ruins here that I really want to see. The journey went quickly because I had a good Book. In Hastings I met a great Jazz Musician, Mark Ramsden and unbelievably this multi-talented Gentleman is also an Author. Before I left Hastings he kindly gave me a signed copy of one of his Books, "War School"
I started the book when we left Marrakesh and finished it ten minutes before arriving in Meknes! I am not usually a Fantasy fan but Mark's book had me hooked form beginning to end. Thank's mate :-) 
Meknes  tomorrow, nite all.

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