Saturday, 8 January 2011

Marlow to Marrakesh

I thought I was dreaming as I woke up today at the crack of noon. The sky was clear and the Sun was shining. Nary a Cloud was to be seen. Marlow is a picturesque town on the river Thames and the home of good friends of mine, Monica and Roger. Roger you have already met in my Hastings post  now I would like to introduce you to Monica
who is feeding one of her Horses, Embassy here. So let's move on to Budapest's sister city Marlow.
What connection could there possibly be between Budapest and Marlow you may ask. This could win you a million on who wants to be a millionaire. It is the Bridge. The Chain Bridge in Budapest was designed by the same engineer. Next to the Bridge is the beautiful All Saints Church
with it's fabulous graveyard.
Marlow also has a great Loch, a big riverside Park for walking dogs, a few traditional Pubs and many more attractions too numerous to mention. The walk lifted my spirits so much that I decided to stop procrastinating and walked straight into the Local Travel Agent and booked a flight to Marrakesh. For several days now I have been searching the Net looking for a ticket and could not make up my mind. In the end I decided that the money saved by flying Ryanair or Easyjet is not worth the suffering and humiliation involved. Now I will be flying with a proper Airline, Royal Maroc to Marrakesh on Tuesday. One needs to be in a good mood to make good decisions :-) 

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