Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Meandering in Meknes.

Every Medina I have seen so far (two) has a prominent  Tower in the middle of it. At certain times of day they issue calls to Prayer. This call is answered by about the same percentage of People as go to Church on Sunday. The Calls do add a nice atmosphere though. 
I was here that I was talked into a Horse and Buggy tour by an Elderly Gentleman who spoke at least French and English fluently, presumably Arabic and Berber and possibly Spanish. There are a remarkable number of multilingual People here.  He gave me a History lesson on Meknes while a very intelligent Horse negotiated Cars, Potholes, Footballs and all the other unpredictables on the Road.
This is one of the Gates of the Imperial Gardens. There were many Layers of Walls and many have been kept. My Guide also pointed at several Columns in the Walls and told me they come from Volubilis. I admit to mixed feelings about that.
This is the Granary where not only the Grain but also thousands of Horses and Ammunition was Kept.
The space inside was enormous and cool.

This is the part not yet restored.  Is that all you ask? So did I but then what did I expect to find in a Granary?

Still feeling Culturally inclined I visited a the Musee Riad Jamai. It was just a Rich Dude's Place, a Minister of something who had a Harem and a nice Garden.
with a Stage where his Wives entertained him and fruit trees.

That was definitely enough Culture for one day so I took a long walk through rush hour Medina
Before heading back to the Hotel for another of their marvelous Dinners. Now I need to book a Hotel for tomorrow in Tanger (Tangiers). Another day another City.... Spaghetti Monster willing. 

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