Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hastings round 6

I actually managed to wake up an 10am today (hold the applause please) so I took a stroll around the town and up to East Hill. Since the Sun was intermittently shining  it was possible to take some pictures of the town.
Off in the distance one can see Hastings Castle which is situated atop the imaginatively named West Hill. Should the Sun appear tomorrow and if I wake before noon two days in a row I will wander up there tomorrow. I also found some Chess pieces artistically arranged in the Old Town.
Naturally Hastings has any number of Fish and Chip shops. Unfortunately the English feel obliged to cover their Fish in gooey Batter and then fry it in Greasy Oil making it completely inedible. 
Pubs are also very popular and apart from the "Pig" there are some more classically named ones like for instance the "Lord Nelson".
Churches are also easy to find

and today's game does make one suspect divine intervention. I played the opening horribly however my opponent allowed me to worm out with just a slight disadvantage until he had some sort of meltdown and just threw a piece at me for nothing. It's nice to know I am not the only one to do that.

Meanwhile on the top board David Howell played a shocking game to lose with white in under thirty moves. Now four players are tied with 5/6. If you wish to see the results and games you can go to the excellent official web site.

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