Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Inebriated post from Marrakesh

Good morning dear friends. Is is a bad Idea to post when when more than slightly drunk? Only time will tell. I started my day with the usual Tourist adventures. First came the water carriers

who first wanted  500 Dirhams for a photo but were happy with 40 and went on to the Monkey men who haggled in similar style,
I then got conned into visiting a Carpet shop
where I bought a pair of overpriced Sandals and then went to a Barbers to get my "Ali Baba" beard trimmed. I arrived back at the Hotel at 6pm feeling totally worn out, Through friends I then made contact with some Chess players and spent the evening with nice people who were not tourist Pirana's. After some drinks and blitz we went to a bar and lo and behold!, we had great Wine, listened to fabulous Music and watched beautiful emancipated Women dancing. Not what I had expected to find in Marocco. Well now it's 3.34 am, I am still sloshed and think it's time to get some sleep. Insh allah!  

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  1. you should wear that hat during the Gibraltar tournament.