Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hastings round 9 Indians win

After five rounds David Howell was leading by a point on a perfect score and it looked like he was running away with the tournament but the young Frenchman Romain Edouard beat David with black and threw the tournament wide open. Only Eduard had 6.5 going into the last round with the pack chasing on 6. Deep Sengupta beat the leader with what to me looked like very deep :-) opening preparation. The only other player on 6 who won the last round was his countryman Arghjadip Das. Congratulations to these two quiet achievers. All the games and results can be seen on the official website .
As for me, I had a relatively easy game. I was playing a very talented but impulsive young player Jack Rudd. After playing 24.a4 I went for a cancer stick and was hoping that my opponent would continue to play the obvious move. As soon as I arrived back in the playing hall I saw Jack walking around with a long face and immediately realized what had happened. He had played the obvious a5 and instantly spotted that it was a blunder. Sure enough....

That's it for Chess from me until Gibraltar but meanwhile I will try to keep you entertained with other delights. Thanks you for attention.

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