Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gibraltar Chess Congress 2011 Round 5

Oh what a perfect day, this is the View from my Window, as long as you don't look down

and if you do
So I started the Day in a good mood, made a Coffee, had a Shower and immediately got down to Business, well actually editing my Facebook friends list and Chatting. Granted, not very constructive. Better would have been to do some exploring and bring you some interesting Pictures of Gibraltar like a Monkey or two. It is amazing how much time you can spend "quickly checking your Mail"
Anyhow, at 3pm my Game started and again did not last very long but this time I as on the right side of the result. The opening Idea was shown to me by an Armenian GM Karen Movszeszian. My young opponent was taken by surprise and responded badly.

 I spent the rest of the Afternoon watching Ivanchuk and Short weave their Magic. Vassily was in deep doodah against  Kotronias but managed to survive long enough for Vassilios  to Blunder. Nigel on the other hand played a controlled positional masterpiece against Joint leader, the very talented Nadezhda Kosintseva
I was following the Games in the Commentary room. GM Simon Williams is a very entertaining young man can be followed live on the site giving his expert Opinion and was frequently joined by the Festival Chief Organizer GM Stuart Conquest  who does seem to be more interested in the Games than your Usual CEO. Former Head Honcho Stewart Reuben also spent most of the Afternoon following the Games. 
Then we got a real treat. First Ivanchuk came in to give us all his thoughts on his Game and then Nigel Short entertained a Capacity Crowd. A great day.

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