Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chicas crush Legends

The last two months have not been very exciting but the main reason for my "Hiatus" has been laziness. Blogging for me is a little like porridge. If I don't have/do it every day motivation dwindles. Also I prefer to report on positive experiences rather than annoying or depressing ones. Here some feedback would be appreciated. Should I write about non-positive events? Is anybody interested? I do have one particularly galling unfinished tale involving a Car and French roadside assist on file. I will tell if asked.

Meanwhile something happy. Yesterday Thomas Luther and I decided to take the Train to Marianske Lazne
(aka Marienbad)  to watch a traditional match of talented young Ladies against Legends. Everything was normal until we got to the border. Strangely enough we had to show documents before entering another Schengen Country but the real surprise was still waiting. I had expected the Czech Republic to be a bit like Slovenia, but instead, when we arrived in the border town of Cheb, it felt like going back in time. The Railway station had a Cafe which closed as soon as our Train arrived (perfect timing) at a quarter to four in the afternoon! The Trains were ancient as was everything else at the Station. We arrived at our destination and the tourist information office was closed of course, it was raining and there was no city map anywhere. There was a Taxi stand but no Taxi's and a whole bunch of other people waiting.

Things picked up from there. We just started walking in the direction of town and managed to hop onto a Bus which accidentally took us nearly to the door of the Hotel Villa Butterfly where the tournament is held. It is as good as it looks in the pictures. We were then welcomed by World blitz champion Levon Aronian and watched Arianne Caoili crush Dragoljub Velimirovic ! 

Thank you for the nice welcome to both :-) After we all went to the "Wellness" area for Sauna's, Whirlpools etc. Then to Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant followed by a drink at a Hotel down the Road. Then Ari had to retire as she needed to prepare for her game against Lajos Portisch. The games can be followed live here  http://www.praguechess.cz/poradane-akce-detail.php?id_akce=28&akce_menu=online&znak=0

Perhaps some pics tomorrow? Bye