Friday, 5 August 2011

Nina in the Uttinger Labyrinth

I have been trying to write this post for several days but have encountered one obstacle after another. My HP laptop is not usable anymore because the screen freezes or fuzzes up unless I hold it at a specific angle with pressure with one hand and keep adjusting to keep contact. So I had to first transfer the photo's from my mobile to the HP, then use an external hard disk to back up and then attach the said hard disk to my 4 year old Fujitsu-Siemens to write this Blog. That nearly worked. The hard disk backed up in zip format for some reason. Ok, so today I just transferred the pictures and that worked. One day was spent updating all the software on the laptop I hadn't used for a year.

Please keep in mind that I only have a few hours a day to actually do anything that requires concentration. Anybody who has entertained a 4.5 year old during school holidays will know what I mean. It is a lot of fun but also exhausting. Anyway, enough whining, let me show you what we did on Tuesday (I think).

It was a glorious, sunny day, one of the few we have had so far this summer. Claudia invited Nina and I to join her and her friend Silke, her son David and his school friend Marvin on an excursion. 

We drove to Herrsching on the beautiful Ammersee to meet up with Silke and the two boys to take a Paddle-ship over to the other side of the Lake. Before we got there we had our first "memorable" incident. With hundreds of people either waiting for the Ship or just enjoying the lake-front Nina took a few steps into the water and yelled out (in French) "look Papa, I'm peeing in the Lake". Then "oh, my undies are all wet", took them off and threw them at me.  Where is that damn Ship! 

It was a wonderful day. Many people were enjoying the water.

Claudia and Nina enjoying the sights.

This was our destination. The Labyrinth in Utting.

Hurry up Papa!

Lots of Sunflowers

The first attraction was a haystack with tunnels underneath. It took a while to get Nina to lose interest and move on.

The Tipi's were not so fascinating. She has been Camping often.

The View from the Castle was great, climbing up and down even better.

Groves? Pumpkins growing on the sides.

The whole Idea of the Labyrinth is to follow a map, find all the Animals and stamp a piece of paper to show you had found them. Too much like hard work. We wandered around haphazardly and found them all anyway. Here the Elephant.


David showed us where the Sheep was.

On our way out we found the Mole

Outside was a Giraffe

No, we can't take any of these plants home Nina. To finish the day Nina went for a swim and fell out of a Tree. Then it was time for a Curry-wurst with Chips and an Ice Cream. If you want to entertain a Child near Munich on a sunny day I can definitely recommend this area.