Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Happy 50th birthday Steven Solomon!

Last weekend Anthony, Steven's son, organised an open tournament in honour of his dads birthday. Since mine fell on the weekend, I was included as well. Thanks Anthony. And thanks for wearing your Doubleroo t-shirt at the prizegiving.

Steven duly won the tournament with a picket fence score. His fifth round win against Moulthun Ly is very impressive. It is a true attacking masterpiece that deserves a place in Kevin Casey's next edition of  "Australian Chess Brilliancies".

My tournament was less convincing. I did receive my first birthday present for the weekend in the first round from Anthony Solomon. Organising can be distracting and Anthony gave me a piece very early.

I was extraordinarily lucky in the next round where I dropped two pawns cold against Tony Weller. I will show you this amazing swindle as soon as I find my scoresheet.

Third round I got Brodie McClymont. A  nice game right up to when I misplayed a winning ending. That scoresheet is missing too. Later on that evening we had some drinks and snacks followed by a wonderful chess cake and stories of past glories.

I chose to take a bye in the fourth round. My present to myself, not playing chess at 9am. I had a sneaky plan as well. Play an easy opponent in round 5 and Steven for the tournament in round 6.

The first part already nearly derailed my evil scheme. I was paired against Leteisha Simmonds who had been playing well. When I tried to semi-bluff her with 15...b5 she thought for a while and then took both pawns! Lost again...ooops. Luckily for me she got over eager to take all my pieces with 19.b4 allowing tactics. 19. Bf2 instead and it looks to me like I am just a pawn down with misplaced pieces.

The draw for the last round was greeted with great anticipation. Solo was on 5/5 while several mortals, including myself, were on 4. The clash of the birthday boys was the dream pairing for all concerned. It was not to be. The computer paired Steven against Lauchlan Pederson who had just beaten Gene Nakauchi {!!}, Moulthun got Ross Lam while I faced Melbourne IM James Morris. My scheme was undone.

On the bright side, I did manage to beat an IM, something I had not done for quite a while.

The other IM's also won so the final results were

No Name Feder Rtg Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 SOLOMON, Stephen QLD 2428 6 33:W 27:W 14:W 4:W 2:W 8:W 2 LY, Moulthun QLD 2471 5 34:W 20:W 6:W 5:W 1:L 7:W 3 WOHL, Alex QLD 2466 5 25:W 11:W 4:D 0:D 10:W 5:W 4 MCCLYMONT, Brodie QLD 2399 4.5 22:W 16:W 3:D 1:L 17:W 14:W 5 MORRIS, James VIC 2409 4 8:W 10:W 17:W 2:L 13:W 3:L 6 NAKAUCHI, Gene QLD 2276 4 21:W 13:W 2:L 15:W 8:L 26:W 7 LAM, Ross QLD 1599 4 0:D 0:D 12:W 24:W 11:W 2:L 8 PEDERSEN, Lachlan QLD 1390 4 5:L 43:W 28:W 20:W 6:W 1:L 9 CASEY, Kevin QLD 2065 4 40:W 19:L 22:W 16:D 23:D 15:W 10 SIMMONDS, Leteisha QLD 1686 4 38:W 5:L 35:W 25:W 3:L 19:W 11 WELLER, Tony QLD 1712 4 42:W 3:L 40:W 19:W 7:L 21:W 12 LEE, Leon QLD 1262 4 14:L 39:W 7:L 31:W 27:W 20:W 13 HUGHES, Harry QLD 1600 4 43:W 6:L 42:W 37:W 5:L 23:W 14 LESTER, George QLD 2037 3.5 12:W 26:W 1:L 17:D 18:W 4:L 15 SELNES, Hamish QLD 1852 3.5 35:D 29:W 19:W 6:L 16:W 9:L 16 TSAI, Charles QLD 1485 3.5 32:W 4:L 30:W 9:D 15:L 24:W 17 CAVEEZZA, Paul VIC 1482 3.5 39:W 18:W 5:L 14:D 4:L 30:W 18 LOVEJOY, David QLD 1843 3.5 0:W 17:L 0:D 36:W 14:L 34:W 19 CERVANJAK, Mark QLD 1447 3 41:W 9:W 15:L 11:L 36:W 10:L 20 ESMALI, Ali QLD 1686 3 36:W 2:L 21:W 8:L 40:W 12:L 21 LIANG, Raymond QLD 1314 3 6:L 44:W 20:L 0:W 28:W 11:L 22 MCGREGOR, Craig QLD 1351 3 4:L 32:W 9:L 0:D 0:D 36:W 23 CIGELJ, David QLD 1231 3 0:D 46:W 37:D 0:D 9:D 13:L 24 MCKEE, Callum QLD 1000 3 27:L 33:W 46:W 7:L 25:W 16:L 25 SOLOMON, Anthony QLD 1423 3 3:L 38:W 31:W 10:L 24:L 37:W 26 HAMILTON, Don QLD 1537 3 44:W 14:L 45:W 0:D 0:D 6:L 27 STOKES, Mark QLD 1597 3 24:W 1:L 36:L 42:W 12:L 39:W 28 D'ARCY, Michael QLD 1782 3 0:D 0:D 8:L 35:W 21:L 38:W 29 MAGUIRE, Tom QLD 1667 3 37:L 15:L 0:D 44:W 38:D 35:W 30 WANG, Jason QLD 1154 2.5 0:D 31:D 16:L 34:D 37:W 17:L 31 YANG, Thomas QLD 711 2.5 0:D 30:D 25:L 12:L 42:D 44:W 32 SLATER-JONES, Henry QLD 916 2.5 16:L 22:L 33:L 0:D 46:W 42:W 33 POMERENKE, Zachary QLD 1408 2.5 1:L 24:L 32:W 38:D 35:L 43:W 34 ZHONG, Tony QLD 1446 2.5 2:L 36:L 44:W 30:D 43:W 18:L 35 MILLS, Gareth QLD 1246 2 15:D 37:D 10:L 28:L 33:W 29:L 36 MILLS, Ross QLD 1220 2 20:L 34:W 27:W 18:L 19:L 22:L 37 RANDALL, David QLD 1059 2 29:W 35:D 23:D 13:L 30:L 25:L 38 BARGO, Peter-John QLD 1098 2 10:L 25:L 39:W 33:D 29:D 28:L 39 MANUNEEDHI, Kabilan QLD 877 2 17:L 12:L 38:L 46:W 41:W 27:L 40 BUCIU, Avram QLD 1274 2 9:L 41:W 11:L 45:W 20:L 0: 41 SOLOMON, Michael QLD 700 2 19:L 40:L 43:L 0:W 39:L 46:W 42 KUYPERS, Ron QLD 1225 1.5 11:L 47:W 13:L 27:L 31:D 32:L 43 OSTAPENKO, Michael QLD 1045 1.5 13:L 8:L 41:W 0:D 34:L 33:L 44 SOLOMON, Rachael QLD 946 1 26:L 21:L 34:L 29:L 0:W 31:L 45 SOLOMON, John QLD 1000 1 0:D 0:D 26:L 40:L 0: 0: 46 ROGERS, Jim QLD 886 .5 0:D 23:L 24:L 39:L 32:L 41:L 47 SOLOMON, Janeen QLD 1400 .5 0: 42:L 0:D 0: 0: 0:

A great tournament, the first ever to feature all 6 Solomons, the best venue I have seen for a while and a great Saturday night party. Jim Richie did a very 
professional job as DOP and Anthony has shown himself to be a great organiser.

Congrats again Steven for also making 50 not out and for playing such a nice

Now, I'm off to look for those two missing scoresheets...

Monday, 8 July 2013

Paul Velten wins Open de Vins

Paul Velten not only won the tournament by a point clear of the field but was also the first player to secure a norm of any kind in the history of the Naujac "Open de Vins. It was an international master norm and he exceeded it by a point. The Organisers, Rike and Jukes Armas were stoked :-)

He doesn't weigh a lot though.

16ème Open des Vins du Médoc
Classement après la ronde 9
Pl NomEloCat.FedeLigueClubPtsTr.Bu.Perf
1fVELTEN Paul2422 FJunMAQUCote Basque Echecs42½52½2596
2mDAS Arghyadip2493 FSenM42½522431
3fFAVAREL Antoine2347 FSenMAQUBordeaux ASPOM Echecs42½51½2424
4mZARAGATSKI Ilja2486 FSenMLORVandoeuvre-Echecs41½51½2471
5mWOHL Aleksandar H.2369 FSenMAQUL'Echiquier Naujacais64452½2363
6mVAN DELFT Merijn2411 FSenMAQUL'Echiquier Naujacais643½53½2428
7 COLPE Malte2305 FSenM643½53½2342
8mCOLLAS Didier2394 FSenMPROMarseille Echecs641½502400
9mGODARD Maxence2348 FSenMBNOL'Echiquier Deauvillais641½49½2299
10 BONN Thomas2277 FSenMPDLCercle d'Echecs de Nantes64048½2271
11 MARIE Maxime2214 FSenMBNOClub d'Echecs Lexovien638472264
12fZIERKE Oliver2263 FSenM638472244
13 PURENNE Benoit2223 FMinMBREEchiquier Guingampais638462175
14mCOLLAS Silvia2274 FSenFLANEchecs Club Montpellier63844¼2330
15 BRICARD Herve2046 FSenMMPYEchiquier Commingeois635422040
16 KRAMER Julian2133 FMinM39½47½2173
17 SAENZ NARCISO Miguel Angel2196 FSenM39492222
18 DESLIAS Gregoire2132 FCadMBREEchiquier Guingampais38472163
19 ROTH Josef2109 FSenM37½44½2115
20fBEHRHORST Frank2281 FSenM36½452189
21mfROUMEGOUS Marina2154 FSenFDSAClub d'Echecs d'Annemasse36442108
22 LORENTE PENALBA Diego2182 FSenM35½432082
23 HELIE Marc2074 FSenMBNOCaen Alekhine53946½2098
24 THALWITZER David2174 FSenM53845½2105
25 MARUEJOLS Claude2006 FVetMPROL'Echiquier du Roy René538452037
26 GOULESQUE Camille1890 FSenMAQUEchiquier Bordelais537½441990
27 ROUSSEL Glenn1911 FBenMBREEchiquier de l'ABC Pays de Vannes536½431992
28 ARMAS Lara-Maria1941 FSenFAQUL'Echiquier Naujacais53643½1978
29 GONZALEZ SANTAMARTIN Jorge1844 FMinM535422040
30 LAGUNES Jean-Renaud2005 FVetMAQUEchiquier Bordelais534½411971
31 RESNJANSKIJ Denis2130 FSenM533½402008
32 LABBE Georges1784 FSenMAUVRiom Echecs530½36½1808
33 ZOBEL Andrej2035 FSenM39472065
34 MARTINET Regis2028 FSenMAQUEchiquier Henri IV Pau38½462028
35 LAPEYRE Pierre2033 FSenMAQUEchiquier Bordelais38½43¾2147
36ffZICKELBEIN Eva Maria2087 FSenFAQUL'Echiquier Naujacais37451966
37 KOHLER Paul1930 FSenMLIMCercle d'Echecs d' Egletons3744½1969
38 L'HOSPITAL Philippe1922 FSenMAQUBordeaux ASPOM Echecs36½43½1932
39 LARAND Manuel2034 FSenMLIMLEC Echiquier Limousin34½411887
40 ALONSO GONZALEZ Miguel1853 FMinM34½39½1910
41 GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ Jorge1718 FSenM34½39¼1852
42 DUBERTRAND Bernard1702 FSenMAQUEchiquier Montois34½391833
43 BOUTHIER Jacques1845 FSenMMPYF.J.E.P.S Blagnac Section Echecs3439½1833
44 LAURAIN Dominique1976 FSenMAQUL'Echiquier Naujacais32½38½1901
45 HUETTMANN JensSenMHamburg 32381832
46 HAVERKAMP Klaus2024 FSenM31½37½1860
47 MARTIN Eric1890 FSenMAQUL'Echiquier Naujacais31½37½1797
48 SEELEN Raphael1670 FJunMAQUEchiquier Henri IV Pau30½361725
49mMILCHEV Nikolay2433 FSenMALSMulhouse Philidor438¾43¼2416
50mMLADENOV Plamen2405 FSenMHNORouen Echecs437¼41¾2386
51 MARNI-SANDID Tarik1733 FSenMMPYC.L. Léo Lagrange - Colomiers43441½1813
52 LABARTHE Francois1592 FVetMMPYEchiquier Commingeois43238½1686
53 VANDOMEL Fabrice1799 FSenMBREOlympic Club Montalbanais431½361705
54 WILLE Frederic1567 FSenMCHAClub d'Echecs de la Francheville T.G.V.430351666
55 MERLET Francois1633 FSenMAQUEchiquier Bordelais428½331637
56 GAMARRA OLAVE Jose Antonio1606 FSenM42731½1620
57 PAULY Bertrand1415 FVetMCVLALCHESS Châteaudun425½29½1486
58 THOLEY Jean-Paul1917 FVetMAQUEchiquier Bayonne Adour34½411809
59 PRIOUX Michel1732 FVetMCHALes 4 Fils Aymon Bogny sur Meuse34½401806
60 ZICKELBEIN Benjamin1713 FSenM3438½1851
61 RENARD Luc1722 FSenMCHALes 4 Fils Aymon Bogny sur Meuse32½391701
62 ULICZNY Kevin1523 FSenMAQUEchiquier Bordelais31351637
63 CORNETTE Francois1694 FSenMHNOGisors les templiers de l'Echiquier30341576
64 MARTINET Nathan1388 FPupMAQUEchiquier Henri IV Pau28½341597
65 BIGNONNEAU Pascal1676 FSenMAQUMerignac Echecs33336¾1758
66 BARAT Jean-Claude1477 FVetMAQUBordeaux ASPOM Echecs330321500
67 FEIT Jean-Luc1682 FSenMAQUEchiquier Philidor Ambes329½33½1639
68 BORDAS Laurent1574 FSenMAQUBordeaux ASPOM Echecs328½32½1559
69 REMI Arthur1199 EMinMAQUEchiquier Bordelais328331477
70 DESCHAMPS Christophe1441 FSenMAQUBordeaux ASPOM Echecs32832½1436
71 ARROUCH Marc1552 FVetMAQUMerignac Echecs327301517
72 MOUILLON Thierry1388 FSenMMPYEchiquier Commingeois327301414
73 KOSIC Miroslav1465 FVetMAQUAGJA-Echiquier Aquitaine327291492
74 ROUSSEL Samuel1266 FPupMBREEchiquier de l'ABC Pays de Vannes325½29½1403
75 FAUGEROLLE Nicolas1818 FSenMAQUL'Echiquier Naujacais32426¾1584
76 CAGNEAUX Eric1449 FSenMPDLClub Echecs La Roche sur Yon323½281458
77 ROUSSEL Stephane1405 FSenMBREEchiquier de l'ABC Pays de Vannes25½28½1335
78 RIMBAULT Francois1490 NSenMAQUAGJA-Echiquier Aquitaine24½27½1317
79 ROUMEGOUS Adrien1199 EBenMIDFFontainebleau-Avon226½32½1312
80 ENDERLIN Michel1280 NVetMAQUL'Echiquier Naujacais226½32½1210
81 REDON Bruno2126 FSenMNPCL'Echiquier Cappellois225½301811
82 COULATY Philippe1280 NSenMMPYEchiquier Commingeois124½29½836
83 ROUMEGOUS Thomas1099 EPupMIDFFontainebleau-Avon120¼24¾1003

A young local player, Antoine Favarel missed his IM norm by half a point and finished third

I only managed to draw my last game from a promising position. I had a small edge all game but my opponent, Sylvia Collas, defended well. I was sure I had missed out but got lucky. Due to many fortunate results and a good tie break I finished fifth earning {?} a fifth of my weight in wine which equalled 20 bottles. The mathematicians out there should have no trouble working out what I weighed at.

The roof was barely high enough to accommodate the cartons.

Next year the tournament will start on the 28th of June and go until the 6th of July. I anticipate that as usual the entry form will come out shortly before the tournament but you can safely pencil it in now.

So see you all here next year :-)