Thursday, 20 September 2012

Closing ceremony 2nd prize 17.500!

Nepalese rupees that is. About $AUS200. That was the prize for equal second and third on 8/10. Below I am receiving the trophy for second place to wild applause. But there are other compensations.

One thing that I have/will never experience in Australia is feeling like a rock-star but in Nepal I was treated like one. Everyone present wanted to have their photo taken with me.

Anusha and Niruya, two charming young ladies from Kathmandu who both speak excellent English and who were full of curiosity about Australia.

A mother and daughter who waited patiently in line. 

A fellow competitor and fourth round opponent who didn't want to claim a win on forfeit when I turned up late for our game. Dhirab Raithala who came in 25th.

Our guardians, two Nepalese soldiers charged with protecting us. I requested this photo. They graciously agreed. Thanks!

Prize-winners and organisers together.

And then the "after party" with my Indian friends. Later on we went back to the Hotel to discuss plans for the next day and we saw ourselves on TV! Definitely a day good for the ego :)

Anyway folks, that has to be it for today because the plan is to scale Kalinchowk peak tomorrow morning. The plan is to wake up at 5am, less than 5 hours from now, leave at 6am, drive to Kuri and then hike the rest of the way. If you are religious, whatever your faith, please pray for me :)


  1. I see you're enjoying yourself there! Good luck with the climbing and take care.

  2. Enjoying your posts! Well done and have a good time...