Friday, 21 September 2012


Someone must have heeded my call and prayed for me yesterday because that is the most logical explanation as to how I survived toady. The 13km to Kuri took us about five hours despite having a four wheel drive and a great driver. Pictured below is one of the many place we had to get out and push.

Our first stop  was a traditional Sherpa village

Once we breeched the tree-line flowers appeared everywhere

The hero of the day was definitely Umesh KC (KC stands for Kalinchuk) woh skipped from rock to rock while carrying his five year old niece on his shoulders.

The never-ending staircase. It took us about an hour to climb up to the top

Just below the summit there is a building with an interesting history. It was bombed, rebuilt and is now in trust or something, connected to the KC family I think. Sorry, scetchy on the details, oxygen deprivation.

Suman Shiwakoti, family member and trustee.
A quiet moment of reflection before scaling the summit. 

One of the nice things about the Hindu religion is that everyone is welcome to join in. Very happy and inclusive.

One nice thing about Hinduism is that everyone is invited to participate. 

This couple had planned to celebrate the birth of their daughter at this holy place for  five years now. Our excursion gave them the perfect opportunity.  

After the hard days trekking and meditating it was time for dinner and a traditional millet based alcoholic concoction. 

Naturally as soon as we leave the clouds disappear and the Himalayas are visible. Just means I will have to come back. 

Some comic relief to finish with. Ever seen a bunch of chess players trying to re-build a road?  Hilarious. The day want like this, wake up at 5am to get an early start, leave at 7am,reach Kuri by Midday, leave at 6pm, back to the Hotel at 9pm. Well now it's time for a few hours sleep and then off to Ilam via Kathmandu. The Nepalese like to wake up early...groan :(

Adios amigoes.