Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Introducing Quisang Rumba

Last night when I returned to my Hotel yesterday evening a group of locals were singing folk songs. Nepalese people are extremely hospitable and seeing an Australian enjoying their song was all the encouragement they needed to invite me over for a drink and a song. Quisang, who is a star of many Nepalese movies, mainly comedy and  was born in this area dedicated a song to Nepalese-Australian friendship....I think. He really could have sung anything. Great voice though.

Rounds 8 & 9
I admit that morning rounds are not my speciality to say the least but today's morning game was poor even by my standards. The noise level in the playing hall was quite good today and I had slept well so I offer no excuses, just madness. What else can explain 16...c5??  How to blow up an entire position in one move. Impatience is a kinder explanation. And later I missed a check ( 30. Qc4) just to drive the nails deeper into my coffin.

My afternoon game I also don't get. My opponent misplays the opening, giving me a dream Kings Gambit, then loses at least two tempi by playing Nc6-b4-c6 and Bc8-g4-c8. Somehow a little later I managed to effortlessly equalise. Luckily I managed to exploit a few inaccuracies like 22...Kh8 and win.

So going into the last round I have 7/9 behind a pack of players.Oh, and losing about 10 plus elo. The roller-coaster ride continues.....I hope :)

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