Friday, 28 September 2012

Round 8 Chess Basketball and Bricks.


Conditions after being acceptable for one day, deteriorated again today. Several times during the games tracktors arrived to deliver trailers of bricks and then proceeded to unload them by throwing them on top of each other on the ground outside the playing area. But one instrument does a symphony not make so a basketball game was brought in for rhythm. The spectators, on the other hand were quiet by local standards although it is hard sometimes to get past them. Luckily they are all quite a bit smaller than me so I have taken to just barging through them. 

Back at the hotel things work differently than anywhere else as well. Every day at about lunchtime they run out of milk, amongst other things. Language is also a problem. Take a look at this sign as an indication.

A football game was in progress on my way back after the round. Far enough away not to be heard over the bricks and basketball

In the evening a Cultural program was organised for us visitors. I will show you some videos when I get back to an Internet connection that allows for large uploads. For now some pictures. The hall was packed out and we got the best seats. 

See the background? All for us :)

The game
I did not manage to create sufficient complications today and my opponent was just trying to draw. Noise and tiredness took their toll not to mention the noise.

As a coup de grace the organisers have put forward the morning round tomorrow to 7.30am they wanted to make it 7 but compromised. In a strange way they are doing me a favour, by reinforcing my resolution to never again in my life play in tournaments with double rounds or morning rounds let alone both. it is just torture. Why did I do it? Because I really wanted to see Nepal. Well, I haven't seen much after all due to the mind-numbing schedule. A reminder. If I ever contemplate putting myself through something like this again SHOOT ME!

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