Friday, 28 September 2012

Round 7 + food


I have neglected the topic of food a little, one reason being that the variety is not so great. The national dish is rice with some vegetables and daal. Many people eat this for lunch and dinner. Nepal is a bit like Cuba in this respect. The ingredients are all here but the food culture seems to be absent. Here is today's lunch.

This is called "Green salad :D

Since I discovered the vegetable patties with chilly, I have ordered them nearly every meal.

Unless you have razor sharp teeth don't order the Mutton skewer.

I overdid the aggro a bit today and if my opponent had played 19...Bb4 check 20 Kf1 Nc3 my...ahem compensation is not immediately spotable. After that everything went smoothly.

Three games to go.

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