Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dato Arthur Tan Malaysian Chess Open Round 5

Anton Smirnov is in the equal lead with 4.5/5 and Moulthun Ly is not far behind on 4/5. The rest of us Aussies are not fairing quite so well. My second game today was a bit of a disaster. The hippo is a dangerous defense and best played when one is in top form. This was obviously not the case today. I had reservations about castling before I did it but could not find any other active moves so did it anyway. I was surprised when Stockfish endorsed my choice but definitely didn't like my next move  14...f5?? instead Nc6 is almost equal. I did consider it but didn't appreciate that after 15.Ng4 Nd4 16.Nh6+ Kh8 the naked black king is apparently quite happy. Black is a pawn down but the central d pawn is enough compensation for my Silicone friend.

Oh well, at least I learnt something today :-) Would you be brave enough to play that position? I'll have to put it under the microscope before deciding.

Luckily there was some compensation for this incredibly weak game in the form of another meal at
Din Tai Fung. The kitchen staff all wear surgical masks and the kitchen is surrounded by glass so one can see how everything is made. I had walked past it previously and always wanted to check it out and the last two days that dream has come true. Another experience crossed off my bucket list. If you are a foodie I suggest you put it on yours. To that end I have supplied the link. Bon App.

Our group changed a little from yesterday,including Thai administrator and player Sahapol Nakvanich, whose birthday it is. Happy birthday!

Well tomorrow is a rest day. Lets see what culinary delights await us.

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