Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dato Arthur Tan Malaysian Chess Open 2015

Stupidity rewarded

Several years ago I was berated by Ian Rogers after winning a brilliant game against a strong Grandmaster with the Hippo as now I made his coaching job harder. When he tried telling his students to play proper chess they would point to this game. Btw, Ian  is right. For every brilliancy there are many stupid losses with silly openings.

Do not copy this one today either. My opponent made a bookish impression on me so I decided to leave theory so played the totally uninspiring move 4.d3. Of course black is immediately at least equal, probably better already. Only a complete amateur would play a weak move like that.

Luckily my "Mullumbimby move" provoked my opponent into an unsound attack trying to blow the patzer opposite him off the board. It backfired and I won my shortest game of the tournament. :-)

Time for din dins. Last round tomorrow, toodles :D

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