Friday, 25 March 2011

Dawn in Brunswick

The time difference between Europe and Australia has helped me adjust my sleep cycle so that I can see the dawn from the right side :) Usually it is my cue to go to bed. Here you see the Brunswick River.
And this riverside path leads to the town, Brunswick Heads
Low tide has beached the Pirate Ship. During School Holidays the Pirates hire out Canoes and Ski's.
Even here there are rules. It is the first time I have seen a sign prohibiting Bombing! 
There were lots of stationary schools of fish in the river. This was taken from the bridge leading to the sea.
And here we are in the park next to the mouth of the river where many parents take their kids swimming. It is very safe. This is Nina two years ago.

and finally 
around the corner is a real beach

with a life guard tower. Next to the Tower is a path leading to the surf club and then to a walking bridge back to town. The sand dunes are well looked after by the local council. Here is a regeneration program in progress

And just before arriving back to town here is some holiday accommodation for you. Not too shabby aye?
Expect lots of pictures from the region in the next few weeks and little if any chess. I have now been  tobacco free since leaving Munich on Tuesday and am also fasting. It is amazing how hard it is to kill time without smoking or eating! So long walks, taking lots of pictures and inflicting them on the online community is a healthier option :) 


  1. How absolutely lovely Alex, I am impressed that locals care for the riverside and the beach,how nice of them..Why are you fasting dear one. a cleanse? Can't wait to see more and more photos ans updates of your trip !
    Thanks hon, have a great weekend.

  2. Your question deserves a comprehensive answer Cristina :) I'll get to work on it.