Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday in the Shire

Byron Shire  hosts a lot of outdoor activities and this Sunday in Brunz we had Kites & Bikes 
This is exactly the same park as in my previous Brunswick post except this time with people, lots of colourful people flying colourful kites despite the slight intermittent drizzle. I was mesmerized by the
Sausage Sizzle!
 I stood downwind for ages just savouring the sweet smell of frying onions and sausage.  There were lots of stalls as well. Naturally some sold kites

I imagine if it had not been raining intermittently there would have been even more people here but the ones that did tough it out (was not so tough) seemed to be enjoying themselves.

On my way out of town I spotted the scary Bay Rollers who were having a get together as well. Check  out their website. 
This week the Sunday market was in Bangalow. It moves around depending on which Sunday it is but rest assured, I will bring you all of them because I am a big fan of markets. First the Candlemaker.

There are a lot of Artists and Craftsmen in the Shire and many sell their works at the markets. 
This fascinating fellow makes wonderful things out of different coins.
and when you get hungry from all the shopping you can have a dinkum spud. I have eaten them before and can tell you they are delicious.
And environmentally friendly clothing is also available although at a price. I ended up buying some Limes and Ginger. The Ginger was straight from the farm of a local grower and could be eaten straight! He demonstrated on a big chunk. I may have technically cheated on my fast by taking a nibble as well. 
I liked this Cow on the grounds of Bangalow Public School. The markets are held at the sports ground of the same school. Sunday ended with some blitz games and an early night. 
Monday afternoon I had an appointment with a Doctor at the Mullumbimby  Medical Centre to check out some spots that looked suspicious. Well the Doc told me it is probably not skin cancer but that I should come back on his "slice and dice" day so he can take a bit and send it to a lab. So my next appointment is Wednesday afternoon but I am now quietly optimistic. I must remember to post you some pics of Mullum. It is a jolly little town. 

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