Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekend in Naujac

What a glorious weekend! It seems that spring has come early this year. The Sun was shining and the temperature was around 20c. For those of you familiar with Fahrenheit....join the 21 century already will you! Although this time of year is low (very low) season the locals still find plenty of things to do.
Saturday we watched some Tennis a few klicks down the road. 
Stefan and Lucian paired up against
Vlad and Lara. All four play for Naujac...Chess club. Their strategic game was flawless but their execution still needed some work. The umpire kept leaving her chair in protest so we had to go home.
So today (Sunday) we decided to attend a Chess tournament instead. It was a regional U2000 tournament and Naujac was well in the race for qualification to...whatever comes next. Sorry, was all French to me.
 The Goats outside trumped Chess after a short time
and feeding them was especially interesting.
As you can see we are really in the Country.
Hopefully I will have my Car back tomorrow so Nina does not miss too much School.
Wishing you all a great week. Bye.

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