Tuesday, 22 February 2011

From Woerthsee to Naujac via Freiburg.

I have done a lot of km's in the last few days with my trusty Passat.I left Bavaria friday morning and drove to Freiburg to meet a new friend, 11 month old Simon here with German WGM Bettina Trabert. Dad (aka GM Spiridon Skembris) was playing Chess in Greece I believe but will be back soon.

Freiburg is a lovely,vibrant University town that has kept it's historic charm while accommodating the 21 century as well. It is one of Germany's most bike-friendly cities and has a comprehensive public transport net. Unfortunately I am always there with a car which is a pain. This photo was taken in a park. There were some interesting artworks there as well. Famous painting you can see anywhere so Doubleroo brings you street-art.
And Bart 
After only a few hours catching up wit a friend I hadn't seen for more than two years and meeting a brand new one :),  I headed off to France where a little 4 year old was waiting for Daddy to take her to the Sea.
And so after a days rest in Vendenesse sur Arroux we headed off. You may see an earring in Nina's ear. She asked for it a few weeks ago so we took her on Saturday. Despite warnings that it could hurt she insisted and didn't complain. Barely an ouch!
She has been an easy child to take on trips since she was a baby. She did miss a lot of French countryside sleeping.
And then she wakes to ask
"are we there yet"
No and we a lot more of these little towns, where the road is right next to the footpath, to go.
The next morning we went to the beach, our destination but it was closed :(
The weather will hopefully improve so that I can show you the sites of the Medoc region. 
Now a lot of the tourist attractions are closed and even an open "Depot de Pain" is hard to find.
Good night everyone.