Thursday, 10 February 2011

German fast food and new Doubleroo segment.

My mission statement promised Chess, Travel , Food and Wine. I have brought you a fair amount of the first two but have neglected the latter two a bit so today I will attempt to remedy that. I had to go to Perlach today to visit my Bank and order a new Card. Regular readers will remember that I had some problems in Morocco in that regard. I used to live in Perlach so after finishing with necessary bureaucratic chores I took a nostalgic walk through my former local shopping centre in Neuperlach. After travelling around a few months I noticed many things that I took for granted. Everything is so orderly, clean and well presented. First the Organic Juice Bar
  After a purple "Fruits of the forest" juice I went down to Vinzenzmurr. This is a chain in Germany where one
can get good food, fast and fresh. There is the takeaway counter,
inside, the butcher where as you can see everything is neaty laid out and and spotlessly clean
and then you have a mouthwatering salad-bar.
Now that I had satisfied my immediate hunger I went to do some shopping for later. 
Germany has the best Bread anywhere. Not just the quality but also unsurpassed variety. Whereas in most Countries you will find mostly white bread with a lonely wholemeal loaf if you are lucky, here in Germany bread is made from lots of different grains and comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes.
This is a relatively small Bakery with only a modest selection but they did have my personal favourite in stock, Dinkel Pur. This is whole-grain Spelt bread. Other options are Pumpkin seed, Rye, Armanath, Bulghur, and so on. Also each bakery has special recipes and "Bread of the month", "Fitness Bread" etc ad infinitum. They will also slice the bread for you if you wish to the thickness you desire. 
A popular meal here is "Brotzeit" (breadtime). Basically it is bread with cheese cold-cuts and salad. It is very a popular way of eating in summer and you can take your picnic basket to many Beer-gardens or parks. Although the bread is delicious enough to eat on its own you may wish to put something on it like cheese
or cold-cuts
all very well presented and hygienic. You may be wondering why I am placing so much emphasis on cleanliness, hygiene, presentation and freshness. This leads me to the new Doubleroo segment.
My Occasional Rant
A few months ago I watched a movie called Food Inc. This movie seems to be a bit more difficult to view online now but you can see segments on Youtube. Anyway, one part deals with minced beef for hamburger production. They mention that a certain tonnage of mince had to be recalled because it exceeded the "acceptable level of Fecal matter" Excuse me?
There is an acceptable level of SHIT???
I don't know about you but the only acceptable level for me is zero. This film only talked about the US and I would hope that standards in Europe are higher but until I know for certain I am not risking it. In fact every time I walk past a MacDonalds, Burger King or any industrial fast -food outlet I have to fight the urge to gag. I hope my rant hasn't ruined your appetite.  
Bon appetite :-) 


  1. hahahha awesome alex well done. your best post yet! and you forgot to mention, that just as great minds think alike, they eat alike too...dinkelbrot :P

  2. btw can we have more My Occasional Rant segments? and can you have guest ranters? ;)

  3. Your request is my command, give the people what they want :-)

  4. Really brought a grin to my face, thanks Alex

  5. Thanks Jimmy, appreciate the feedback. Long time no see old friend.